Joe Grillo Extrabreit, August 20–September 20, 2010

Joe Grillo


August 20–September 20, 2010


LOYAL is pleased to present Joe Grillo's debut exhibition as a solo artist.


In his years of culture-making in Dearraindrop, Grillo has invented a thousand and one ways to address hypermeaning in modern America— and often managed to cram them all into a single room. We, the viewers, can only stagger backwards and busy ourselves for days in their decipherment. Alongside the Mutant Pop exhibition LOYAL presents a solo show by Joe Grillo, himself an ardent and very representative Mutant Pop practitioner.

This show will follow three little rivulets of that Grillo methodology. Grillo collages on the destruction of language. Grillo sculptures that speak to us of paradise tossed. And even a Grillo series of Audubon bird portraits for the atomic age... Amazing what a little glue and ink and awe can accomplish.


Brandon Joyce

Los Angeles, CA, July 2010

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