Svensk konst 4/4: Linda Pedersen

November 10–15, 2017



Loyal presents Svensk konst, a series of 4 one week solo exhibitions of artists working in Sweden. In our final week of Svensk konst we present Linda Pedersen.

Call of Heart became one exhibition divided into chapters. The characters are on a journey. In the first chapter they walk in a desert landscape, this environment is safe, calm and quiet. In the next chapter time has passed and the landscape is different, more hostile. In the middle of these two chapters something has happened to the characters, yet we never see it.

Call of Heart, Chapter I

Eir is leaning her body trustfully to the vigorously warm wind while walking, the wind is keeping her body from not falling in the burning sand. Sötebjörn is tightly strapped around her chest with thick ribbons. Sötebjörn is her eyes. Eir’s have been damaged from the burning sand that strikes upon her face. Sötebjörn occasionally whispers to Eir, describing the landscape ahead, telling a story or humming on a song. Eir and Sötebjörn don't know where they are going, they follow the Call of Heart, The burning Sun softly sets behind the dunes, leaving them alone with darkness. Sötebjörn whispers to Eir that its time to rest. Sötebjörn’s body turns into a nest through a slow transformation. Inside Eir falls asleep.. Time passes. And their journey continues.

Call of Heart, Chapter II

Eir wakes up.. It is cold and dark. All around them are large black rocks and mountains that rise towards the sky. Eir reaches her hand down to feel her legs. They are not there anymore. Torn off. Sötebjörn will carry her through the hostile terrain from now on. Eir and Sötebjörn know that her legs will grow back, but not until they get past these lands. Nothing can grow and recover where they are right now. On their way forward they walk alongside old ruins and monuments of old memories and dreams. Here in the middle of the ruins they found a creature, all its limbs are ripped off. Eir lays here, hand upon the creature’s chest and whispers a meaning similar to our everything is going to be alright.

Linda Pedersen (1987, Gothenburg, Sweden) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Pedersen is currently in her BFA program at Konstfack in Stockholm and has recently completed an exchange term in Tokyo Zokei University. Exhibitions include Call of Heart (solo) at Gothenburg’s Nomad Gallery, Sweden and participation in group exhibitions at Vita Rosen, Gothenburg, Sweden; Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden; Galleri Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden; Dragon’s Lair, curated by Daniel Iinatti and Agatha Valkyrie Ice, and Idun, curated by Daniel Iinatti at Galleri Idun, both in Stockholm, Sweden.