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Loyal began with a band of friends. They wanted to make a magazine. They published their first issue, yet 16 pages, in the year 2000, by drawing on their own energies. They called on art-friends from all over, and artists kept joining until a magazine no longer sufficed.

In 2005, Martin, Amy and Kristian opened a gallery in Stockholm. Why? To fully answer this question, you have to realize that things undertaken out of pure excitement have a persuasive sense of destiny to them. Excitement bends time and space into chutes and ladders. The governing principle of Loyal is that all who do things with Loyal in some way are Loyal.

Those showing with Loyal always seemed to go on to greater and greater things. Was it just luck? Absolutely not. Were Martin and Amy kingmakers? Hardly. They just followed that excitement in its purest impulse. This was their candle. They believe that this is when the best things happen, when you let that pure impulse lead you out of the labyrinth.

Loyal is a member of New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and Svenska Galleriförbundet

Loyal is Martin Lilja & Amy Giunta