Opening hours

Thursday–Saturday 12:00–16:00

Loyal Gallery was established in 2005 in the wake of the eponymous magazine with Martin Lilja, Kristian Bengtsson and Amy Giunta at its core. They opened the innovative art space in Stockholm, then located in Vasastan. Since their first opening Loyal has regularly been engaged with New York and Los Angeles, contributing with expressions otherwise not represented within the Stockholm art scene. The gallery is run by co-founders Martin Lilja and Amy Giunta.

Loyal Gallery is now located in a townhouse in Stockholm’s Lärkstaden, in the former Embassy of Brazil. The location at Odengatan 3 reflects the innovative approach of Loyal’s past while also symbolizing a step forward and rejuvenation. Loyal will work in synergy with the architectural preconditions of the building and are in dialogue with the other residents of the four story building, occupying one floor each with artist Carsten Höller, Modin Communication, and designer Johannes Svartholm.

The townhouse was originally built in 1909 by Swedish architect Folke Zettervall as his private residence. In 1956 the Swedish Architects National Association took over the premises, appointing Hans Asplund to remodel the ground floor into a club room, which now functions as Loyal’s gallery space. A respectful renovation of Loyal’s 90 square meter area involves keeping treasures like Asplund’s fireplace, brick floor and staircase and the embassy’s bullet-proof glass reception, while also reinvigorating it to suit the new activities.

Loyal is a member of New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and Svenska Galleriförbundet

Loyal, Odengatan 3, Stockholm