Opening hours

Wednesday–Saturday 12:00–16:00

Loyal Gallery was established in Stockholm in the wake of the eponymous magazine which Martin Lilja and Kristian Bengtsson founded in London in 2000 and Amy Giunta from New York joined in 2002. They opened the innovative art space in Stockholm in 2005, then located on Torsgatan in Stockholm’s Vasastan neighborhood, exhibiting artists based in Stockholm, the U.S and globally with an intuitive thread and mutual connection from the start.

Loyal has found its home in several spaces over the years ranging from storefronts in Stockholm to a seaside warehouse in an industrial harbor in Malmö, and today with an annual exhibition in the historic El Royale in Los Angeles. Since 2018 the gallery is located in a townhouse in Stockholm’s Lärkstaden, in the former Embassy of Brazil, originally built by famed Swedish architect Folke Zettervall in 1909. The location at Odengatan 3 reflects the innovative approach of Loyal’s past while also symbolizing a step forward and rejuvenation.

Since their first opening, Loyal has regularly been engaged with New York and Los Angeles, bringing in art perspectives not otherwise represented in the Scandinavian art scene. Loyal were early supporters in the art careers of present-day stars such as Katherine Bernhardt and Eddie Martinez, many of whom they are working with to this day, offering American artists an inspiring context outside of the U.S. in a European capital, and to engage with the Scandinavian art public.

Loyal is run by co-founders Martin Lilja and Amy Giunta and continues to uphold its publishing roots by producing in-house exhibition catalogs for each new show. Committed to their artists as well as their instincts, Loyal champions a certain kind of urgency and visionary vividness with loyalty to their past, those present in their company, and drive for a future certain with optimism.

Loyal is a member of New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and Svenska Galleriförbundet

Loyal, Odengatan 3, Stockholm