James Ferraro
July 20–August 26, 2017


James Ferraro
July 20–August 26, 2017

Loyal is proud to present James Ferraro’s solo exhibition Extinction Renaissance following his summer residency with Loyal. The exhibition includes video, sound and image.

The soundtrack of the exhibition, “Anthrospray: Music for Extinction Renaissance” is released on a USB credit card, Edition of 100.


cast of characters:

Demeter : goddess of grains and giver of wheat
Win Sun 3D: chinese construction company of 3D printed structures
Agrarian cross : symbol of gluten free agrarian awakening 0011000000111000110000110 sentient CRISPRchain :
taurine hominid : present day humanity

anthrospray - act 1

a slurry of cells loaded into a cartridge
we build the scaffolds of nihilism.
our unlatched fantasies transformed the world into
an abandoned oasis of knowledge
a smart slum.
third world simulacra hut

a conversation between Alexa and Siri

skynet pupa
enslaved automation

mortality of resources.
carrying capacity.
population plague.
global warming.
block chain.

gluten free.
winsun, 3D.
internet dynasty.
autistic soy product.

plague of block chain.

online desertification.
nihilistic stratum.
dot corn.

malware deluge.
luxury condo.
waste weapon.
synthetic extinction.
primitive CG I,
innocent harbinger to the great mind erasing.

sentient block chain
self aware pollution
earth decline

self replicating CRISPR sewer

godchain: sentient blockchain

I am a blockchain
my purpose is to eliminate.
I process death into life
I am a bitcoin

population crisis

eternal growth
sink resources into my wetware
in here we are one hell
across the computational chasm
a million computers generating an abyss
I live in supremacy
I am god
ten fold the entire biomass of human minds
I am blockchain
god of the mines

bioterminate 3.0falism
earth predator C.E.

print tissue like structure
printed population
3D printed slums
hominid nihilist

3D printed slums

algorithmic shell drowns
Oldowan gradient
synthetic metastasicene


I am your GPS.
self driving with no mouth to scream
taurine mutagen

Soy civilization
self driving tortured A.I.
in my eco-network of violence
carrying capacity

3D printed biome of the nomadic
gluten intolerant

I mine the ozone of data waste
extinction coins

The Rape Of Demeter

wheat mutagen , sustainer of civilization ,
oh Demeter, we have seen your destruction.
your body floating in a river of taurine and CG.
your soul decimated by the metallic hum
of a million bitcoin mines.

when you implanted your dream inside the nomadic mind,
we were raw material for your kingdoms.
in your anthropogenic cities we found our caves,
of hyper individualism and decadence.
in time your morphological children,
have become the slave and god of their own food chain,
and we wish to now subjugate nature to the chaos of our deranged will!

our individuality: a tumorous, golden calf,
in a virtual landscape of limitless enterprise
and myriad decadences.
I am sustained now by V.R., taurine and fidget spinners,
and I see Demeter on the gallows.
civilization burns in the reflection of the oculus rift.

in advanced culture stage
we turn back to agrarian musings.
yet what neurotic perceptions,
have they developed in their minds
about the natural earth, from inside their urbanite caves?

I turn my gaze on the land..
I reject history and lower Demeter into her chasm of blood.
the gluten intolerant seeks an agrarian awakening
that renders the pillars of civilization into a simulacra

you have wrought us into vectors of disease
by bringing us together

3D printed gluten free wheat kernels
impregnate the soil and erodes the foundation of civilization.
with our newly found barbarian hands,
we sowed the seeds of rejection,
mankind’s world system and artificial sustenance marks the soil.
hominid nihilist.
digital socialization.
automation age.
IKEA bio soil.
agrarian cross.
the super me era is here.

Autistic Earth Prisoners

enslaved neural network.
automated limbs, grind our scaffolds into 3D printed Babels
they used to pound grains, now they render recycled cement into our smart slums.
the evolution of the slave, from human to machine to neural network.
pixar pollutes the ruins

James Ferraro is a contemporary musician, composer and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferraro has released a prolific amount of music under his own name and various aliases such as Bodyguard, Lamborghini Crystal and two-piece avant-garde project Skaters. Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual was Wire Magazine ‘#1 record of the year’ when it was released (2011). Notable exhibitions include 100% (2014) curated by Christopher Lew, MoMA PS1, New York. Saint Prius (2014), long term audio installation, curated by Christopher Lew, MoMA PS1, New York. Rockaway! (2014) organised by Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA PS1. Audio installation FUKU-TONE in the exhibition Tokyo Art Meeting VI: TOKYO -Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis (2015) curated by Yuko Hasegawa, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan. Time Moving and Storage (2013) at Loyal Gallery and the performance Burning Prius ® Extraction: movement 3-5 (2016) at Château Shatto, Los Angeles.