Jim Thorell

Jim Thorell

Jim Thorell (b. 1981, Stockholm, Sweden) lives and works in Stockholm. Thorell received his MFA from Valand Academy in Gothenburg (2010), and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna with Professor Daniel Richter (2009), Kanazawa University, Japan (2007) and the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in Hanoi (2007).
Solo exhibitions include Tatjana Pieters (Ghent), Loyal (Stockholm), Gillmeier Rech (Berlin), Pina (Vienna), Roman Road (London), Union Pacific (London), S2 Gallery (New York), Carl Kostyál (Stockholm). Group exhibitions include Wanås Konst, Moderna Museet Malmö, Issues (Stockholm), Tensta Konsthall, Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium. Thorell has an upcoming solo exhibition at Setareh (Düsseldorf) and upcoming group exhibition at Alma Lövs Museum.

2010 MFA Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria, Prof. Daniel Richter 2007 Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam
2007 Kanazawa University, Kanazawa, Japan
2004 Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2003 Gothenburg School of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden 2002 Wik Folk High School, Uppsala, Sweden

Solo Exhibitions

Forthcoming, Mykorrhiza, Setareh Contemporary, Düsseldorf, Germany
Jim Thorell Solo Booth presented by Loyal Gallery, Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

Illicit Electricity, Gillmeier Rech, Berlin, Germany The Beating Heart, Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, Belgium

The Grey Liberator, Pina, Vienna, Austria

Methadone, Gillmeier Rech, Berlin, Germany Seashells on the Seashore, Roman Road, London, UK

The Sweet Heart, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 7 Paintings, Sotheby’s S|2, New York, NY Pathétique, Union Pacific, London, UK
LUCID MEMES, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm, Sweden

LOKALRÄTTEN, Stockholm, Sweden
Svarta hålet/ Trädgården, Stockholm, Sweden

Museo de la ciudad de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg, Sweden

White is science, black is magic, Detroit, Stockholm, Sweden

Group Exhibitions

Setareh Contemporary, Düsseldorf, Germany
Issues #6, Stockholm, Sweden

New Elam by Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden Birger Jarl RMX, Plan 5, Stockholm, Sweden
Nordic Contemporary art collection, Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium, Norway
Water McBeer Gallery curated by Loyal at MARKET, Stockholm, Sweden Issues #4: Alfred Boman, Zoe Barcza, Karl Norin, Emanuel Röhss and Olga Pedan, Issues, Stockholm, Sweden
A Lot A Lot, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Painting Failures, Moderna Museet, Malmö, Sweden
Dark Mimes, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, CA
Friends In Need, Carl Kostyál - Stockholm, Sweden
Revue, Kustraum Am Schauplatz / Büro Weltausstellung, Vienna, Austria Imagine, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy
Swedish Art: Now! - Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

PLANES, curated by Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlmann, with LOYAL at Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, FL
Doubling, Wanås Konst, Knislinge, Sweden
This Sticky Mess Will Get Us There, Curated by Andreas Emenius & Jacob Valdemar, Nordic Contemporary, Paris, France
SPEARS, LOYAL, Stockholm, Sweden
Easter Salon, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
YELLOW TAXI, Curated by Nick Farhi, TORRI at Lucile Avenue, Los Angeles, CA Market Art Fair, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Meet your maker, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm, Sweden Nest, with Alfred Boman, Kamerade, Falsterbo, Sweden Galleri Bon, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Paul Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden
GIBCA extended, Vita Rosen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Büro Weltausstellung, Vienna, Austria
Platform Stockholm, with Senoren, Stockholm, Sweden
Larrys Corner, with Senoren, Stockholm, Sweden
Temporära Konsthallen, with Senoren, Stockholm, Sweden
Parallel Vienna (represented by Büro weltausstellung), Vienna, Austria

HHDM – Hinter Haus des Meeres, Vienna, Austria Wip:Konsthall, with Senoren, Stockholm, Sweden Enrico Palazzo, with Senoren, Gothenburg, Sweden

Gallery Steinsland, Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden
Svart Galla, Curated by Erik Berglin and Natalia Goldin Lundh, Lydmar Hotell Stockholm, Sweden
Market Art Fair (represented by Peter Bergman Galleri), Stockholm, Sweden Art Copenhagen (represented by Peter Bergman Galleri), Copenhagen, Denmark
Varberg konsthall

Centro Cultural Manuel Gómez Morín, Querétaro, Mexico Galleri Box, with Senoren, Gothenburg, Sweden
Vienna Biennale, Vienna, Austria
The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin, Germany
B-galleria, Turku, Finland

Detroit, Stockholm, Sweden
PERMANENS II, Linköping University Park, Linköping, Sweden Göteborg City Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden

Museo de la ciudad de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico Göteborg City Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden

Grants and Scholarships
IASPIS one-year scholarship, Arts Grants one-year working scholarship Stockholm’s Studio Grant 2013-14
Otto and Charlotte Mannheimer Foundation Scholarship Olle Gulin Grant

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